The Week of September 23rd

September 23rd: Colonel Sanders
September 24th: The 7 Continents
September 25th: Grantland Rice
September 26th: Duke Ellington
September 27th: The United Kingdom

The Week of September 30th

September 30th: Hoover Dam
October 1st: George Washington Carver
October 2nd: The Sun
October 3rd: The Mississippi River
October 4th: The Pacific Ocean

The Week of October 7th

October 7: The Pacific Ocean
October 8: Helen Keller
October 9: You Can Do It!
October 10: Air Conditioning
October 11: Jackie Robinson

The Week of October 14th

October 14: Columbus Day
October 15: The Atlantic Ocean
October 16: Play Fair!
October 17: Albert Einstein
October 18: Harriet Tubman