The Week of November 4th

November 4: Fred Rogers
November 5: The Amazon River
November 6: Clara Barton
November 7: Duke Ellington
November 8: Frederick Douglass

The Week of November 11th

November 11: The Louisiana Purchase
November 12: Ben Franklin, Inventor
November 13: Jupiter
November 14: Louis Armstrong
November 15: Harriet Tubman

The Week of November 18th

November 18: Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse Day
November 19: The Gettysburg Address
November 20: Bessie Coleman
November 21: Roberto Clemente
November 22: The Pacific Ocean

The Week of November 25th

November 25: The Gateway Arch
November 26: Willis Carrier and His Cool Invention
November 27: The Sun
November 28: Thanksgiving
November 29: The Interstate Highway System