About the Daily Ryder

Five days each week we publish kid-friendly posts filled with fun facts, bright ideas, and short videos designed to keep young readers on the right track.

The Content
We publish brief stories about noteworthy people, interesting inventions, and America’s 50 states. The site also contains pint-sized collections of kid-friendly quotes and fun facts. Each page ends with a quick quiz that allows young readers to see what they’ve learned.
The Creators

The Daily Ryder is published by the creators of the Mystery Ryders: Criswell, Carli, and Angela Freeman.

  • Criswell is a writer/publisher with over 20,000,000 books in print.
  • Angela is a writer/editor who spent 15 fabulous years homeschooling their daughter Carli.
  • Carli is a National Merit Scholarship recipient who attends Fordham University’s Manhattan campus: the Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Her interests include: writing and composing for musical theater, mathematics, film and television, and children’s fiction.

To learn more, visit MysteryRyders.com

The Goal
Our goal is simple: to create interesting, informative, and relevant content that adds to each young reader’s storehouse of knowledge. Kids who become regular readers of The Daily Ryder will, over a year’s time, become familiarized with a broad range of age-appropriate content that they will most certainly use and reuse throughout life.

Sometimes, we’ll introduce our readers to facts and concepts that are new to them. And sometimes our stories will simply reinforce things that our readers already know. In either case, we’ll strive to make The Daily Ryder a valuable stop on every educational journey. And we hope that by increasing our readers’ cultural literacy, we can, in some small way, help prepare them for even greater educational adventures to come.

About Our Mystery Books for Kids

We also publish a series of mystery books for young readers. To learn more about these kid-friendly chapter books, visit MysteryRyders.com