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August 19

Rosa Parks Made a Difference!

Today’s story is about a true hero of the American civil rights movement: Rosa Parks. She became famous for a bus ride she took in 1955. Today, her statue stands in the United States Capitol.

Once, somebody asked Rosa Parks how she did it. She answered, “I don’t waste too much time thinking about my problems. I just look around to see what I can do, and then I do it.”

Rosa Parks made her world a better place, and you can make your world better, too. So, the next time something bad happens, don’t give up. Instead, get busy looking for a way to make things better. If you do, you’ll take a back seat to nobody.

Bright Ideas

Don’t Give Up!

“We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.”
Helen Keller

“Get a good idea and work at it until it’s done and done right.”
Walt Disney

“Be like a postage stamp: stick to one thing till you get there.”
Josh Billings

Nifty Fifty

About Alabama

It’s a Fact: The capital of Alabama is Montgomery. It’s also the city where Rosa Parks made her famous bus ride.

It’s a Fact: The biggest city in Alabama is Birmingham.

It’s a Fact: The abbreviation for Alabama is AL.

It’s a Fact: Huntsville, Alabama is called “Rocket City” because they design and build rockets there.

It’s a Fact: There’s also a space museum and a space camp in Huntsville.

More Fun Facts
Fun Fact: The capital of France is Paris.

Fun Fact: The third President of the United States was Thomas Jefferson.

Fun Fact: The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean.

Fun Fact: The biggest river in America is the Mississippi.

Fun Fact: The tallest mountain in the world is called Mount Everest.

Fun Fact: In the story Caboose on the Loose, the Ryders take their train to Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is the biggest city in Georgia, and its airport is the busiest airport in the world!

Questions and Answers
Just for fun,
see if you can answer these questions.
Did Rosa Parks make her famous bus ride in Birmingham or Montgomery?
Was the third president of the United States Washington or Jefferson?
Jefferson. George Washington was the first president.
Which airport is busier: the one in Paris or the one in Atlanta?
The Atlanta airport is busier. In fact, it’s the busiest airport in the whole world!
Which mountain is bigger? Mount Everest or Mont Blanc?
Mount Everest is bigger. Mont Blanc is one of the tallest mountains in Europe, but Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the whole world!
Today's Ryder Riddle
Here's a Riddle for You:
Why is Alabama the smartest state?
Because it’s got four “A”s and only one “B.”
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